Sunday, September 17, 2017

Virginia Waters

It was Sunny Sunday evening and we wanted to stretch our legs, We had Virginia Waters on our list to Vist for a long time. Just never had the means to get there. Virginia Water Lake was originally little more than a stream, which existed from at least the 17th century and may well be named after Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, although this is not certain. The lake itself was begun in 1746 by William, Duke of Cumberland who was then Ranger of the Park. Few details are recorded of the building of the lake, however it has been suggested that prisoners-of-war from the recent Jacobite risings, who were encamped at the nearby Breakheart Hill, were involved. The original lake was much smaller than the current form, and was destroyed in a flood in 1768. In 1780 Paul and Thomas Sandby began construction of a much larger lake at the site, and went on to add an artificial waterfall,
The cascade is a man-made waterfall at the eastern end. it is built sp people can climb over it. Very popular in Summer.
It still very Picturesque 
all the walkways are wide for all the people with Dogs
The the bird are all out of range
Although the Swan is not intimidated.
The seagulls had their roost
But the views were great, 
We'll be back again as it is only 20 minutes from home

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Waddesdon Manor and Gardens

Waddesdon is an estate and Village, the once was owned by the Rothschild's.
As we had arrived early, so we explored the local church

What we found was real little Community Church
That even still had the Baptistery Jug still out.
Beautiful Windows
To Finish with a great Old Door.

The town was full of Nice Old buildings.
But it was Waddesdon House and Gardens we had come to see.
In the Autumn

What a Great House to greet us at the top of a Hill.
Surrounded by Great statues 

And Gardens

We got a chance to explore the Aviary that is registered Zoo.
With Great Birds in it.

While we waited for our timeslot we got to study the details in the Exterior.
Once inside the beauty of the House came out to shout at us, This i how the very rich lived, and the collection was still in place.

To finish was the servants Quaters and the Kitchens that are now a restaurant.

But it was the fine details that amazed us.
This is just one of the doorknobs in the House.

WE explored the Stables and stopped for lunch there as well.

The Gardens were very extensive and we finally left at about 16:00 
But it was only 1:20 hours to the north of home.
One day to see one place. We were impressed.