Friday, February 09, 2018

Allington Farm Shop

Allington Farm Store for breakfast. We stopped here for breakfast on the way to Lacock.
The shop was well presented and we enjoyed ourselves checking it out.
Great selection to choose from.
Jennifer was more interested in Breakfast, she was hungry.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

quiet weekend exploring local and beyond

The Day started off with a walk to Eton and doing the Windsor Circuit.
While on the walk in the mornign I get to see Life. Like the Eton College Hound Pack going for a walk.
 The pack walker avoids getting to close to people as 40 dogs can be overwhelming.
Good a Great sight in the morning
The Egyptian geese were busy getting ready for spring, eating flat out of course.
I passed Datchet church and enjoyed the little church.
By the time the afternoon arrived, we made the headed for London again.
The British Museum, was the first stop, even though the enlightenment room was closed :-(

So I headed for the China Section and followed a lecture being presented.

after that we head out shopping.
Camden Market was the target.
So Jennifer was in her element
She Loves the clothes store there.
I like the life, Like this store selling European Hams. this is a view, something you don't see in Australia. A pleasant day.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Batesman - Kiplings Place

Bates is the home of a Great writer.
Shrouded in the rain it was still another great home to explore,
Kipling had agreat offcie, which he kept very private.
It would get the morning sun and that when in would do most of his writing.
But it was the small Bear rug that Jennifer spotted.
In the garden

Were sparse figure and the the garden very bare.

He had these building changed into quarters for the staff
Now it is the shop for the trust.
And the Team rooms were the Dairy and Barn.

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle is a 14th-century moated castle near Robertsbridge in East Sussex, England. It was built in 1385 
This was the third stop of the day
It was a ruined Castle but great to explore

Yes That's Jennifer at the bottom of the towers. She still doesn't like heights.

Hertley Cafe and Farm Shop

Hertley Cafe and Farm Shop was where we stopped for Brunch
Great food in the Cafe
And great meats int he butchery

Cranbrook - Kent

Cranbrook, Kent. This is where a lot of the Iggulden Line come from in my Family Tree.
So it was another trip to the Town to check it out.
Last year I only got 20 Minute in the grave yard and found 2 Gravestones that were family
This time I wanted to find more.
Cranbrook is a town that hasn't changed much in the last Hundred Years
This is Stone Street
And this is High Street
As I walked around I found the Church was Open
This time I was determined to go in and check it out.
The Stain Glass Windows were beautiful.
But the surprise was inside
I met the cleaner
Milderd Iggulden
She mentioned she was one of the last of the Igguldens in the Town
We swapped cards and details.
She also pointed me in the direction of the White Horse
This was the Pub James Iggulden ran

So Jenny and myself both had a drink in the Pub, Juice of Course.