Monday, May 14, 2018

Roger Etherton Taylor 1932-2018

 Roger Etherton Taylor

 Age 4
 Age 5
Age 6
Age 14
 Age 13
 Age 17
Age 18, His first car.
Meeting Angela
A young Family in New Zealand
 Nichola arrives
His first Grandchild
 Camera in Hand in Malacca
Enjoying a market meal in Serembran, Malaysia

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Dartmoor National Park - Hills

The Dartmoor National Park is piece of England that 
hasn't changed much over time.
It a tough landscape that gets little rainfall
Vast expenses of tundra terrain we small enclosures 
that man has tried to harness over time.
They can but try. we also stopped at Princeton for a
late breakfast at the Cafe next to the prison.

Dartmoor National Park - Horses

Part of the Dartmoor Trip was to see the rare Dartmoor Horse
As we entered the hill just past Poundsgate, we came across this herd.
Right next to the card park, about 30 of the grazing in the meadow, 
and around another 60 in the gorse 
Likely for me, I'm a country kids so I got out and walked about them taking pictures
I got close to a few of them, but one white one did not like me so she tried to bite me. 
but I stopped the anger in her early.
Most just kept an eye on me and snorted if I got to close.
many were in foal so they didn't want to move far.
So generally a WOW moment.
There is no more iconic sight on Dartmoor than a herd of ponies grazing together, with stunning, majestic Dartmoor as their backdrop. They have been here a long time, hoof prints found on Dartmoor during an archaeological dig were found to be 3,500 yrs old!
Written records of ponies on the moor go back as far as AD1012, and in the mid 1800s ponies were used to transport granite from the moorland quarries.

In 1950 there were around 30,000 ponies on the moor, now we only have approximately 1500, and only a small proportion of these are the pedigree Dartmoor Ponies.

Dartmoor National park - Dart River

On the way to the Dartmoor Hills, we cut from 
Torquay to Poundsgate
This meant we went across and alongside the Dart river
We went across Newbridge, it was only built in 1851. So it was new.....
The river was peaceful and quiet.
So we stopped and made plans to keep going.
Even the side streams looked good.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Richardo's - Melinsey Mill

While visiting Gwen's place
She wanted to take us to see Richardo's place
Richardo's place is a Mill that he has restored 
and decorated into a great little Tearooms
He has a pond,
he has placed setting around to and attractions
He still has the mill
that works
The Wildlife is abundant.
the tearooms are small and open during summer.
The road to it a very small and you have pray that nothing is coming the other way.
But what a Mill

St Mawes Castle

St Mawes Castle

This little castle, is not a castle, it is a fort.
Built is King Henry's time
It took us all of 10 minutes to walk around before going up to Gwen's

Jenny in History

In the late 1930's, John Percival SAYCE had this picture taken
In the 1947, John Sayce Jr had the same shot taken on the other side of the wall
When we we at Gwen's last visit, they mentioned it was a the St Mawes Castle
So off we went to the St Mawes Castle this time
At the front desk they looked at the photo and saud it was around the corner.
Around the corner we went and there it was
So I asked my Model to pose.

3 Generations have stood at the same spot for there photo's

Now the challenge has been laid down for the next generation

Visting Johns Grave

St Just in Roselands
This is where we laid John to rest over year ago
Jeinnfer wanted to lay flowers at his grave. 
It is just a lovely place, so peaceful and nosieywith bird song