Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Vyne

We arrived Late int he Day and tickets to the house were very late/
So we went to the Walled Garden first
The Gardener was also in to Dahlia's
The Sun House has been restored
but not the inside. 
Once we went into path to the house the gardens just were beautiful
The Brew House is the new restaurant and shop. 
so we went the lake a waited
In some NT chairs were free to fall asleep in them,
Once in the House we set about exploring.
this was the Orangie and is now for statues
It even had a old Horse for the kids to ride.
Room were set up to show what they were like in the 1600's
Upstairs was the greet hall. 
Again another grand hall to show off in.
Mary Queen of Scott's on show.
Henry of Course
But what a room
Downstairs again we had more grand rooms
Then off to the chapel
I am amazed at the number of houses that had chapel in them.
each with Carved Seat and ordaments
Once outside we got to see the size of the brew house.
Boy they must have drunk themselves to death.
Again on the Way out. were garden views.

Motisford House

Motisford crept in view like a small cottage around the corner
but the corner kept on getting bigger
Finally there view came into view.
This is large house tucked away in the Test valley
The House is surprising large but was still a home. 
The gardens are special  with beautiful trees
The Walled Gardens were in the process being built. 
The pathways were well maintained.
Jennifer and I found a Robin sing in the bushes.
The views were of a quiet countryside.
Only a village was just beyond the trees.
Inside the house after some food.
The house was setup as in the 1910's
This was a house based around abbey.
So a conversion done in the 1800's
The servant quarters were intersting
Crocodile and all.
Underneath of course was still the Abbey, used for storage in the house.
On the way out we crossed the Test stream 
A great way to end a visit.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Wrightwick House and Gardens

We arrived at Wrightwick House in the rain, so it was a dash into the house.
The mansion was built in the 1800's
Based on a Tudor design
The lord of the hosue had mney and was in politics.
But it was still a home.
With great early 1900 paintings.
cozy little nooks that keep you warm.
And rooms to play in
Cosy bedrooms 
large greeting halls
impressive hallways
great paintings
but old kitchens
outside, you realize they don't miss on the details either
Wow what a house. We both rank this house very highly.