Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lord Mayor Parade 2018

This year the LMP was on a damp day.
 I went in with the Talbot Family.
Clayton and the Kids enjoyed the day watching the parade
 There were many Bands
the LM himself

 afterward, we took the kids along the Southbank.
where they enjoyed food and food.
The kids did well. that day.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Staines to Datchet

Another Thames walk. Short one this time

 at Ruunymeadwas the statue of Queen Elizabeth II
but it was just a calm day on the river.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Evening out with the Talbots

OK, The Talbot kids had their 8th Birthdays
It was the first time to Windsor but it was still MC DONALDS.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Another Thames Walk - Maidenhead to Winsdor

 At the moment I am walking the Thames.
Today was the Maidenhead to Winsdor. This little one I had missed, time to do it.
 looking at old bridges
new bridges that looked old.
 the wildlife
 Grand new Houses
Grand Old Houses
 marina's inland?
 old forgotten churches
 Castles from new angles
but the Windsor Dock was busy.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Muiderslot Castle

Restored & striking 13th-century moated castle with ramparts & hands-on museum, plus formal gardens.
 This little town has a couple of canals going through the centre of it.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Netherlands Temple

We can now tick off another Temple Visited.
This was the last place to visit on the holiday weekend.

Ghent P3

 When we finished in the Gravesteen we explored Ghent
 House that were large and 400 years old
 Bakeries that produce very nice buns, and yes we ate some.
 The bakeries were everywhere
 but it was the old churches
But all but a few were closed.
it's now the winter season.

Ghent P2 - Gravensteen

 Gravensteen is part of Ghent attraction
It is a 10th Century castle
yah it is old.
 Even the entrance looked like a regular castle fortress.

 Once in the entrance, the catsle was still small but impressive and a defensible fort.
 Turrets and towers all around it

 inside it showed it had wooden structures were attached.
 this was castle for a Count
 inside was a small shop
 the first fireplace known in castles.
An armourer
 that you couldn't break into
 The display was impressive

swords and weapons of the period.
 Some very big swords as well
 The kids group were cute being all dressed up.
 outside was the moot, (canal actually.
 the view was impressive
from here you would have been able to see your enemy miles away.
now it is all the church steeples.
 Many are grand.
back inside the castle not tour went on.

 describing how the host killed the evil infantry
 and many stairs
 with big doors.
 the fireplaces were grand enough for heating the whole place.

 we got walk around the wall.
 soem parts had no walls
this was the chapel. obviously very early. NO decorations.
The castle looked like a castle as well.